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Dear lazyweb,

I’m using Gnome for quite some time now and I’m always satisfied with the interfaces I have to whatever I need. There is one thing, though, that I miss: a calendar. I don’t like evolution, I don’t need another mail client. What I want is a simple, yet sophisticated application that I can put appointments in and which reminds me of them (recurring issues should be possible, too). It may but doesn’t have to be somehow attached to the Gnome clock or whatever. Though I expect it to look “Gnome-like” and be accessible from the panel. Do you know such? And is there even a Debian package for it?


Good morning everyone,

after quite some time of organization, we got the MiniDebConf running in Berlin. Yesterday at 9.30, Zack had the pleasure of opening the event which seems to be reflected in the press already. After that, we had nice talks, one every hour from 10 to 6 with mine being the last one of the day at 5 p.m. Yes, I did it :) Slides, links, and all that stuff will follow in a later post, or more official announcements. Right now I’m preparing myself to get back to the fairground. The second day starts with another bunch of talks at 10 and I’m excited to meet different people again and hear more interesting talks.

The BSP went… well. :) Actually, we didn’t really fix many bugs, I guess. A few maintainers stayed after the event as well as a couple of users completely new to packaging. Thus, it was more like a small social event bit it was really fun. And of course the HackLab is still open today, so we have every chance to fix more bugs…

This just as a small input from where we stand. More is to come some time later, probably after the weekend, we’ll see…


PS: Things like that shouldn’t be a problem… :-)

Oh dear, it happened… Hundreds of developers seem to have switched to git (man, I want to be as famous as Linus) and finally the packaging helper for subversion is orphaned. Yeah, I know, this is just partly related if at all but at least the low interest in its further development seems to prove my point.

Anyways, I’m not going to fully give up on it. Eddy just copied the bug message to d-devel to arrest some attention and actually I’m trying the same here. svn-buildpackage is still needed, let alone the entire texlive stuff which is maintained in subversion repositories and many packages in collab-maint. So, let’s see if we can’t get it somewhere.

0.6.24 – release soon

As Eddy mentioned in the bug report there is a version 0.6.24 prepared in trunk. Looking at my working copies I seem to have fixes for #363003, #414564, #467614, #480684, and #506876 lying around which I didn’t commit yet. They should be sent to the bug reports, though. If you consider working on a release of svn-bp please contact me (or just write to the bug reports, I’m subscribed).

0.7 – do it right ;-)

This is far away but maybe a worthy goal. Two months ago I started working on a rewrite of svn-bp in order to fix some long outstanding bugs which would need gross hacks in the current version or aren’t even fixable by design. Find my first experiments in branches/0.7. But then let me be honest, I didn’t do anything about it lately – partly because of the low interest, but majorly because of vcs-pkg. I hope to figure out during debconf9 (I hope I can attend) if it is a possible replacement of svn-bp. But that’s still up in the air.

Well, that’s my two cents about the situation.