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Countless times already have I used Google’s amazing feature called maps. Admittedly, if you know me, you might wonder how I can be advertising Google. At least as often as I used google maps, I have told people about google’s evilness. They’re making their users transparent in ways most people can’t even imagine — transparent to other users (just like Facebook does) but, more importantly, transparent to themselves and their advertising customers. Technically skilled people reading my blog probably just nod and scoll down now… :) Well, there still is something about Google that makes me use their developments: they are good. I don’t know any other online service to create own maps, get directions etc. with as much detail and huge amount of data as google delivers. Thus, Google maps became my main source for locations and directions world wide. As such, I wanted to use it to get directions between places in Berlin, Germany. Apparently, Google’s software had some kind of hick up or whatever, though. They got the directions right but somehow I doubt the map is anyhow related to what I requested. See for yourself…Google maps irritatedYes, yes, no software is perfect… but still :)