It’s pretty off topic for my blog since I usually only blog about technical stuff. But this is just great. Real life people having a real look at concerts of prominent and not-so-prominent musicians. And it’s all in German which is a nice thing since most of such stuff I have to find on English web sites (except the obvious German big press influence). Made me notice I missed the concert of Jamie Cullum — of course. But the article is quite nice and I definitely enjoy reading more of those. Have a look if you’re as keen on music as I am, or not. :)


  1. Anna says:

    1. I found your blog.
    2. You’re kinda geek ;)
    3. You should write a new entry!
    4. I like Jamie Cullum.
    5. I need wine.
    6. Salut, comment vas-tu?

  2. jhr says:

    1. Congratu-fucking-lations!
    2. I know, don’t tell anyone, please. Though, this blog is meant to be technical. :)
    3. Yeah yeah, I know. Nothing much to tell lately since I’m really not the one sharing too much on the web. It’s enough already, anyways.
    4. Of course you do, he’s amazing!
    5. I have some. Well, actually right now it’s Whiskey again, but in Berlin I have enough.
    6. Je vais bien. Et toi?

  3. Anna says:

    1. Danke!
    2. Hahaha, jetzt kann ich dich erpressen.
    3. Denk an James Bond.
    4. I know.
    5. Jetzt wirst du mich hassen, aber, mit Cola trink ich fast alles.
    6. Ca va. Il y a des vacances :)

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