Dear lazyweb,

I’m using Gnome for quite some time now and I’m always satisfied with the interfaces I have to whatever I need. There is one thing, though, that I miss: a calendar. I don’t like evolution, I don’t need another mail client. What I want is a simple, yet sophisticated application that I can put appointments in and which reminds me of them (recurring issues should be possible, too). It may but doesn’t have to be somehow attached to the Gnome clock or whatever. Though I expect it to look “Gnome-like” and be accessible from the panel. Do you know such? And is there even a Debian package for it?



  1. danc says:

    orage ! (sorry it’s xfce)

  2. Philipp Kern says:

    If you configure Evolution then you’ll get your appointments of a day when you click on the clock in the panel, as Gnome 2 will query evolution-data-server. All days with appointments will be marked in bold, too.

    Completely non-obvious and maybe gone in Gnome 3, I don’t know.

  3. Wes Frazier says:

    Maybe Dates ?

    It does depend on some evolution libraries. But I think it works with the existing gnome calendar applet because of it.

  4. oOarthurOo says:

    remind (cli, not gnomish, but powerful and flexible)

    And depending on what you dislike about evo calendar,perhaps there are configuration changes that can be made to the evo calendar app to make it more likeable for you.

    Orage is great, but there are some limitations (annoying) in the Squeeze version IIRC, and some dependency issues that annoy me as well. It integrates perfectly fine into the gnome-panel, but xfce-panel was still required last time I checked.

  5. jhr says:

    Well, what I dislike about evolution is that its pretty blown considering I only need a calendar. Anyways, I can’t seem to get it working with the Gnome-clock. Is this a known bug in the version in sid maybe?

  6. srtu says:

    I like to see the same thing, just a simple interface for the gnome calender.
    open callender > click on the date you like > add a reminder
    Same simple thing like on every Cell Phone.
    Don’t like to install a full featured organizer, maybe we should add a feature request, but who knows mabe there is somthing in the Gnome 3.0

  7. Anonymous says:

    I’d suggest using two independent pieces of software here: first, whatever calendar program you like most that knows how to talk CalDAV, and second, configure Evolution’s underlying calendar mechanism to sync with CalDAV. Then you can use your calendar program, and also have events show up on the GNOME calendar, and add events via the GNOME calendar.

  8. jhr says:

    Okay, well, that’s sounds fair so far. Showing evolution events in GNOME clock doesn’t work for me, though. Any ideas why? I can’t find a bug for that.

    And yes, someone should add a feature request or have a look at GNOME 3. I just won’t do it due to lack of time.

  9. rappelkiste_src says:


    perhaps you take a look at myDesktopCalendar at

  10. Np237 says:

    It’s a well-known problem in evolution. It has been planned to split it in several components (mailer, directory, calendar) for ages, but it still remains to be done.

  11. Martin says:

    What’s wrong with Icedove?

  12. jhr says:

    Again, overkill for me. I don’t need mail stuff, I need a calendar.

  13. tpo says:


  14. jhr says:

    Nah, that’s KDE… I know, I’m annoying…

  15. Woody says:

    Google Calender ;)

  16. jhr says:

    To be honest, I actually tried that just today. And it works. This is crazy.

  17. Der_Serverhelfer says:

    I’m using Thunderbirds calendar

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